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Updates by month since the last post:

Oct.2011: S&S’s beautiful wedding! Awesome birthday party for G.

Nov.2011: Went to a professional conference. Got sick for three weeks. Got offered a job with a software company.

Dec.2011: Accepted the offered position, to begin in January. Spent Christmas holidays with Boyfriend, spent New Years with my family.

Jan.2012: Happy birthday to me! Begin new job. Got a passport. Adorable new short haircut (thank you Will). Went to the UK (awesome, btw). Pack. Pack. Pack

Feb.2012: Moved out of my old apt. (many thanks to those who helped)

Mar.2012: Learned how to make Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes (happy st patty’s day!). Saw the Hunger Games!

Apr.2012: Paid taxes like a good little girl. Made cute chick deviled eggs for Easter.

May.2012: Met an adorable baby girl named Elizabeth (congrats Navos). Met an adorable baby boy named Joseph (nice to meet you Jophes). Happy Mother’s day, mothers! Slipped and fell HARD (ouch).

Jun.2012: Went to a doc because my neck still hurt after the fall in May. Started PT. Happy Father’s day, fathers! Happy birthday x 6. Went to Boston to apartment hunt.

Jul.2012: Happy 4th of July!/Amazing going away party (thank you everyone.). Drivin & Cryin with mix-cds all the way to Boston. Hello new roommate!

Aug.2012: Boyfriend visits. Vacation in Maine. Whale watching. Unpacking.Unpacking.Unpacking.


And with that, you’re pretty much up to date–reader’s digest style. I’ve updated my 101 in 1001 goals list, and surprisingly I’m doing fairly well for being about half way through. I need to read a LOT more.

I also feel that this post needed pictures. Here’s one of where I work and got to eat lunch today:


Updates by month

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