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It’s been a great week! Valentine’s Day was just the beginning.

A friendΒ  invited me along to visit potential venues for her wedding. I spent the Thursday and Friday with her and her family, debating on what might be a good fit. Of course we couldn’t end the adventure without trying on some pretty clothes for the affair! I enjoyed meeting her parents, and getting some much overdue time to catch up with her as well.

If that wasn’t enough, to make the week even better, what a gorgeous day today! The weather was perfect, all of the city seemed to be in a pleasant mood, and it’s a Saturday. I slept in, after an eventful and exciting week, enjoying the cool morning. What could make it better? Why, music in the park of course!

After lunch, the boy and I broke out the guitars and new ukulele for a trip to the park. It was a blast–and it looks like playing the uke won’t be so hard after all, especially with my [limited] guitar experience. Enough of the skills transfer. Unfortunately tuning is completely different, so the chords will take getting used to. But it should be a fun activity this spring!

How are you enjoying this weekend weather?


My Valentine’s Day was postponed, since my Valentine was otherwise occupied by work and class. But he’d been telling me for a couple of weeks that there was a surprise! That started with an M…

As it turns out, said surprise was mmmmmmmmmusic!

After a nice dinner at an Indian restaurant, we went to a music shop in the area, which reminded me how much I’ve missed my guitar. We played the pretty, expensive guitars. Then we drooled over mandolins, steel guitars, and banjos. And finally left the store with a ukulele.


That's me.. with a Ukulele


Hey. Don’t judge! When I can play some sweet Hawaiian tunage, you’re going to be completely jealous. If I’m lucky.. I can be as good as this kid! But I’m not going to hold my breath on that πŸ˜‰


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