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Another update post for you! Quick and dirty summary style!!!!

Sep.2012: Finally settled into my new Greater-Boston apartment. Visited Atlanta for the long weekend for M’s birthday.

Oct.2012: C&C’s wedding–so much fun, and amazing to see most of the Shafted Seven together again!

Nov.2012: My first user’s conference with my company, where I wasn’t a client! Got to see my Chicago migratories. Then a humble thanksgiving with crockpot turkey!

Dec.2012: Surprise trip to NY, for work. Busy, but lovely holidays catching up with everyone in the south. Happy holidays!

Jan.2013: COLD.snow.snow.cold.snowwwwwwww…

Feb.2013: Yep. I live in the northeast now. Initiated by digging my car out from under 27″ of white stuff. Also got to meet mi hermanita 🙂


Updates by month since the last post:

Oct.2011: S&S’s beautiful wedding! Awesome birthday party for G.

Nov.2011: Went to a professional conference. Got sick for three weeks. Got offered a job with a software company.

Dec.2011: Accepted the offered position, to begin in January. Spent Christmas holidays with Boyfriend, spent New Years with my family.

Jan.2012: Happy birthday to me! Begin new job. Got a passport. Adorable new short haircut (thank you Will). Went to the UK (awesome, btw). Pack. Pack. Pack

Feb.2012: Moved out of my old apt. (many thanks to those who helped)

Mar.2012: Learned how to make Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes (happy st patty’s day!). Saw the Hunger Games!

Apr.2012: Paid taxes like a good little girl. Made cute chick deviled eggs for Easter.

May.2012: Met an adorable baby girl named Elizabeth (congrats Navos). Met an adorable baby boy named Joseph (nice to meet you Jophes). Happy Mother’s day, mothers! Slipped and fell HARD (ouch).

Jun.2012: Went to a doc because my neck still hurt after the fall in May. Started PT. Happy Father’s day, fathers! Happy birthday x 6. Went to Boston to apartment hunt.

Jul.2012: Happy 4th of July!/Amazing going away party (thank you everyone.). Drivin & Cryin with mix-cds all the way to Boston. Hello new roommate!

Aug.2012: Boyfriend visits. Vacation in Maine. Whale watching. Unpacking.Unpacking.Unpacking.


And with that, you’re pretty much up to date–reader’s digest style. I’ve updated my 101 in 1001 goals list, and surprisingly I’m doing fairly well for being about half way through. I need to read a LOT more.

I also feel that this post needed pictures. Here’s one of where I work and got to eat lunch today:


Updates by month

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There is a debate at hand. Are you driving your Facebook friends crazy with hashtags and Twitter handles? Whether linking Twitter directly to feed Facebook is best practice is a different question. From a marketing standpoint they should be separate, but from a personal one? Another post for another day… for now, let’s just have a simple poll on a simple question:

Thanks for playing! Leave additional comments below.

Image representing Google Buzz as depicted in ...

Image via CrunchBase

If you’ve been living under a rock, Google+ is the baby of the social media family, which was launched almost three months ago. Tired Facebook users, mostly technology-oriented males such as engineers and developers, flocked to the new sharing model to see what she had to offer. Many pundits and social media enthusiasts wondered whether G+ could stand up to Facebook, or would Facebook be a concern at all.

Her sleek UI seemed to impress upon first looks. Boasting features like “Hangouts”, “Circles”, and “Sparks” certainly fueled desires for a fresh way to interact with peers, with more privacy than Twitter yet easier conversation sorting than Facebook allows.  An interesting thing about Google Plus–it’s both more and less open than it’s competitors. Google Circles allows you to share openly, but selectively. Twitter is pretty  much all or nothing. Facebook’s “lists” features helped narrow down security on it’s ‘open to users’ club-like philosophy and sharing selection of specific posts. Circles makes this even easier, by forcing you to categorize contacts as you first add them. This means re-categorizing will likely be frustrating later. But for now, great idea, right?

So far, outlook not so good. But Google isn’t giving up yet–it just released a Google+ API, allowing developers to connect third-party apps to its service. This is a critical move, as G+ has already fallen by the wayside. It’s worse than treading water–she’s barely gotten her feet wet.

G+ is the place people are going when they get too advanced/tired of Facebook. Facebook has shifted from an interactive social media platform to an overshare warehouse. From what I’ve seen, even most businesses use Twitter as their main media outlet, at this point. The more robust pieces (sweepstakes, games, pictures, and longer articles) are stored in FB and referenced via their Twitter feed. Twitter is, in my opinion, the premier vehicle for social media and information distribution. What G+ has the opportunity to do, is sidestep Facebook’s “extras” to streamline the information in a more concise, Twitteresque interface, without completely eliminating the ability to incorporate the richer stream of article snippets with pictures and video.

Biggest changes I’d like to see in their next round of updates:

  • Continue using the current tabular setup, but make the “Posts” tab as an accumulation of all post styles into one stream (Photos, Videos, Google Buzz, etc)
  • Allow auto-posting to and from other platforms (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook?
  • A way to group/search for conversation topics–something Twitter did well, and would do well with Google Buzz
  • Easier “Circles” mass edit
  • URL shrinking

Tech Timely had a good list of features to be desired as well. However, I fear too much of the background and color “customization” type features would lead to its downfall in a MySpace fashion if they don’t have constraints on layout.

All in all, Google has a chance to pull out of this ahead. But will they? Ideally, for my usage and preference, Google Plus will step up their game and marketing and take over a little more of the Facebook market share, and Twitter still hangs in there to keep everything else clean and concise in all its 140 character glory.

What about you? Leave a comment or join the Twitter conversation about what Google+ needs with #GooglePlusNeeds!


My Sister's Keeper
My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

‘My Sister’s Keeper’ is story of family, love, self-discovery (at all ages), and ultimately ethics vs morals. Picoult presents the many tough “what-if” questions starting with parenthood, but branching into what it means to be basically human.

Each character gets his or her say, and in their own font, no less. The seemingly segregated style of story telling, isolating each character’s thoughts, weaves a world of complex logic-meets-emotion where we can dive-in to develop a relationship with each of them; it’s a natural drawn world where no clear antagonist or protagonist exists.

Beautifully crafted and compelling, we’re reminded that perspective is relative, and there is no magic formula for right and wrong.

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For your viewing pleasure this evening, we give you the Mississippi River!

More updates soon!

Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 2007

Image by Christopher Chan via Flickr

Today was the first Monday of the new year! Today I…

  • Admittedly had a hard time getting out of my warm, comfy bed so early in the morning
  • Was happy to get back to work and routine
  • Came home to a sweet note card from my boyfriend 🙂
  • Decided to revive this blog, making it a priority
  • Started a 101 in 1001 list!

Where have you been?

Glad you asked! As some of you may know, I started this as a 365 blog last year. No, I didn’t keep up with all 365 days, but in the coming year, I’d like to organize the photos I did take throughout the year. Moving forward, I’m excited to start blogging more regularly, and look forward to posting at least once per week.

What is 101 in 1001?

101 in 1001 is a personal challenge. Anyone who wants to participate creates a list of 101 goals they’d like to complete in 1001 days. I’m sure I’ll need a lot of encouragement and help from friends to make some of these items, so I hope you’ll reach out with feedback and ideas! Also, let me know if you’ve also set a goal list, and we can work together on similar items.

I’ll post my full list when it’s finished, but the first 43 items of the 101 can be found on my 43things profile. I’ll use this site to manage most of my goals, since it serves as a good medium for tracking and publishing posts, as well as finding communities of other people working toward the same goals.

Sweet note? Boyfriend?

Yep, he’s the best and knows how to make me smile. I’m a lucky girl! No–you can’t have him. Nor does he have a brother.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to keeping you updated. I wish you all the best in 2011!

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