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While you were out…

Posted on: Tuesday 07.Jun.11

A lot of updates have been in the works! I’ve had a packed few months, but it’s been amazing.


March Recap:

Two weeks were dedicated to staff interviews, which went well. I always enjoy the opportunity to meet new potential members of our team.

A trip to Texas made March even more eventful! Michael and I enjoyed a week in Austin, visiting friends and family. The time and energy they spent with us can’t truly be repaid, but we loved every minute and are looking forward to another trip there at some point in the near future.

March helped me cross off a few items on the 101 in 1001 list too:

9. Buy a car

35. Attend at least two professional conferences [1/5]

39. Networking.. [not complete, but improving!]

55. Attend a tweetup

84. Watch a sunset


April Recap:

In April I attended a friend’s party, chock-full of board games, good food, and great company. Some of the other guests I knew, others I didn’t. It was a perfect mix to get to know new people! This helped with goal 79. Play 100 Board Games!!

The rest of April was  split between Staff Orientation, planning for staff training and fighting with my dryer. Gearing up for summer is always busy, but we have an awesome team at work right now, so it felt easier this year than it has been in the past!

The end of the month brought concerts, finishing another 2 books on my reading list, and the 101st day of the 1001 journey. I’m relatively pleased with the progress, but disappointed that some items like, blogging and trying new recipes, have fallen by the wayside.


May Recap:

Finals and graduation, an anniversary party, and one birthday party. All of this made for a fun May! Two trips out of state–one to Illinois, one to Tennessee. Lots of time with friends and family. It was nice to see everyone, but I admit I’m looking forward to a slower week or two after a long month.

Work picked up this month as well. Clients started their arrival patterns, and training sessions put pressure on time. I think everyone, hopefully including me, handled it well though. Priorities rose to the top, everything else was taken care of in proper time. I love the busy season–there’s always something to be done. It’s tiring, but I like the full, productive feeling at the end of the day!

By the end of May, more 101 in 1001 items got crossed off the list!

-Books read has jumped to 8

BofA savings moved to ING

-Watched a sunrise!

-Specified budget on

-And with the first of June I made my last student loan payment!!!


I need to refocus which items I might be able to tackle in June and July, but so far so good! I hope to get back on track with the ongoing goals, like blogging, to stay active and keep my list up to date 🙂


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