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Posted on: Saturday 19.Feb.11

It’s been a great week! Valentine’s Day was just the beginning.

A friend  invited me along to visit potential venues for her wedding. I spent the Thursday and Friday with her and her family, debating on what might be a good fit. Of course we couldn’t end the adventure without trying on some pretty clothes for the affair! I enjoyed meeting her parents, and getting some much overdue time to catch up with her as well.

If that wasn’t enough, to make the week even better, what a gorgeous day today! The weather was perfect, all of the city seemed to be in a pleasant mood, and it’s a Saturday. I slept in, after an eventful and exciting week, enjoying the cool morning. What could make it better? Why, music in the park of course!

After lunch, the boy and I broke out the guitars and new ukulele for a trip to the park. It was a blast–and it looks like playing the uke won’t be so hard after all, especially with my [limited] guitar experience. Enough of the skills transfer. Unfortunately tuning is completely different, so the chords will take getting used to. But it should be a fun activity this spring!

How are you enjoying this weekend weather?


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