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Posted on: Monday 07.Feb.11

The Vince Lombardi Trophy.

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This weekend I…

  • Made tamales
  • Rode in the car. A lot.
  • Celebrated a birthday!
  • Watched the Super Bowl (Congrats Packers!! Lame ads. Entertainment fail.)
  • Made a pizza (yum)

It was certainly busy–but a lot of fun!

Having been Super Bowl weekend, I should make some cliché parallel between the football game and goal setting and how far I’ve come just in the first month of 2011. I’m going to skip that and let you pretend I did. Instead I’ll just jump right in…

It seems that I can cross a few more things off the 101 in 1001 list–particularly #91 ! I found out today that my little sister has started her very own list 🙂 It looks like there may be a few others joining us as well. I look forward to reading everyone’s ideas!

For my goal updates: I’m on book 4 for the year, which is a good pace, since I’m starting to slow down a little as work picks up. Posting here has been pretty consistent, and I’ve averaged a little more than a post per week. Pacing new recipes might be a little tricky. I cook now and again, but not always something new. I’ve identified resources for almost all of my goals, but a few are still outstanding, so I can’t cross off goal #7 just yet.

I need to take more pictures, or 5 of my goals will be difficult to accomplish! I’m debating whether I should pay for another year of Flickr pro, or just use the basic account. I’d have to make it worth the money.

Financial updates: With tax season here, it’ll be a good time (and motivation) to get my files in order in the next couple of months. is helping me watch my budget–not very well, yet, but after a couple of months I think it’ll be “smarter”. I’ve made more payments against my student loans, too, and I’m well on my way to meeting my June deadline! This is probably the goal I’m most excited about at the moment, since it will impact almost everything else–budget, credit score, potential future loan and insurance rates. You know how it goes.

I did write a hand written letter last month, which felt awesome. I love getting mail, so I love thinking someone else might have a better day when I send mail. I would love to find myself in the habit of sending snail mail. This goal should help develop that habit! If you leave me a comment or message through my blog, I’ll mail you a hand written letter too–even if I don’t know you. Why not? Don’t believe me…try me!

That’s all for now folks–until next time, keep on keepin on!


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