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Evolution of Smooth

Posted on: Friday 28.Jan.11

Okay–confessions time. I’m that person who loves to try new products, restaurants, and services even when there was nothing wrong with the old products, restaurants, or services. I’m also that person who gets really pumped up when a company can do something ordinary and make it seem so simply perfect to make it the best [or worst] product or service I’ve ever had, and then I insist on telling everyone all about it.  This is one of those moments. And no–I don’t work for this company.

Evolution of Smooth

So one day about six months ago, I’m strolling through a Target, I need to pick up some shaving cream. Nothing out of the ordinary–but as I reach for my usual buy, a new kind of bottle catches my eye. Bright pink. I’m talking Legally Blonde kind of pink. In big letters the bottle announces itself as “eos“. Reading closer you can see that it clarifies “the evolution of smooth”, and from the shape to the texture of the bottle, this company makes you want to believe it. The bottle is plastic instead of metal, which they’ve crafted to have this soft, rubbery feel, so it doesn’t slip in your hands as you’re trying to use it in the shower. Also, it says you can shave without water. Really? I mean–really!!? So far, I’m intrigued.

The lid is neatly fit, but not as impossible as some other brands are to get off. For me, this is a big deal. I have waited for a company who can make bottles easy to open in the shower without my products spilling all over the place, like a little kid waits for his time-out to be over so he can play with the cool kids. Seriously–my shower doesn’t need to be tryouts for the Olympics or an episode of Wipeout.

Then, as soon as you do take off the lid, you don’t even have to pump it, and you can smell it. And it even its smell makes you think, “You know, I think this just might be an evolution of smooth.” It’s a soft, raspberry cream scent, which is just enough to let you enjoy it.

Keep in mind this is still the OUTSIDE PACKAGING of this product. I was this excited before I even tried it. Oh the powers of marketing, and creating a functional container for your product. Manufacturers and marketers: take notes!

Moving on–so I get home and decide I must try this stuff. Right now. I take a look at it, scramble for my favorite razor,  pop off the lid with one hand, and pump two to three pumps in my palm as directed. It doesn’t spray like a lot of them do. It’s more like a thick lotion, than what you’d usually think of as shaving cream. I like this, but can imagine it isn’t for everyone. But you end up with exactly as much as you want, instead of that “oops” moment you get with the regular stuff, when you’ve dispensed so much shaving cream you could shave the walls of your shower. I spread the eos on my leg without getting in the shower with running water, and it really goes on like you’d expect a lotion to–so I went ahead and tried shaving this way. And later I tried with water running. Both ways work well. I’d still use lotion after if shaving in the shower though.

Now the negatives–because I don’t tell anyone about my new favorite products without leaving room for errors. If you do shave without water, your razor will get super lotion-y quickly, so you have to leave the water running anyway. Also, I wanted to rinse my legs afterwards, just to clean up. So this kind of defeated the purpose of trying to shave without water. However, it did leave my legs feeling moisturized, so if I were in a hurry, it could work nicely.

I’m not sure how to fix the next negative–because it’s a lotion type cream, and not a pressurized can of soap, it’s tough to get all the shaving cream out of the bottle. It’s pump, so you can’t just turn it upside down like you do your shampoo, and the pump straw can only do so much with the thick cream. So you end up with quite a bit of product just chillin in the bottom. But, since I’m wasting less with the smaller, more controllable “pumps” to dispense the shaving cream instead of spraying it out, I can live with this “con” and hope they fix it soon.

Other little things–their bottles are recyclable, which could be a pro for some. Apparently good things happen when you recycle. Price-wise, it was comparable to the other shaving creams. The first time I bought it, it was actually cheaper, so it may depend on the store. My local stores only had one of the fragrances in stock, until a week or so ago when I found a second. I haven’t tried any of eos’s other products, but I’m sold on this one! It’s my new favorite way to shave.

What’s your fave?


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