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Wedding Weekend

Posted on: Tuesday 16.Feb.10

Valentine’s weekend this year was a sort of “group” Valentine’s Day celebration.  The Gentleman was a groomsman in a friends’ wedding, so we spent our date night dancing the night away and enjoying the love and company with a roomful of love birds!

Friday started the weekend off with snow and slippery roads. Everyone started getting nervous, wondering whether we’d all end up in one place for the wedding at all. Even my Valentine was stranded at home until Saturday morning. It was a pretty snow, though, with a few inches on the ground. Just enough to build snowmen and watch dogs stumble in confusion through snow angels and snowball fights in the park.

Saturday was more fun. We watched the snow melt slowly throughout the day, sporadically falling from branches. My date came to pick me up in the afternoon on the way to the wedding rehearsal. It was a lighthearted adventure. We enjoyed meeting new friends and having fun with the event. Afterward, in lieu of bachelor/bachelorette parties, we all went for dinner as a group with the bride and groom’s families. It was a blast to see everyone together in one place.

Sunday was the big day! The wedding ceremony itself was simple, but nicely done. Friends and family gathered about until the wedding began, milling about and making small talk. Decorations weren’t overly done, and the service was what you’d expect from a typical wedding. The flower girls did seem to enjoy throwing their flower petals about, and made an adorable, perfect mess of it all.

Following the ceremony, hors d’oeuvres were set up in the atrium just outside of the reception hall while we waited for dinner to be set. Dressed high-boy tables were scattered about with modest centerpieces, just right for the setting. Once we moved into the reception ballroom guests chose their own seating arrangements. A dance floor with DJ waited in the center of the room.

The wedding party, instead of being introduced as usual, had a Second Line, complete with parasols. Very cute and a nice ice breaker for the guests, once they figured out what was going on. It was a great way to set the tone for the reception. We danced, ate good food, took pictures in a photo-booth, and after traditional cake cutting etc, whoever was left was invited to participate in a Nerf gun war. [Notice a theme?] It was silly, but hilarious to watch.

What better way to enjoy Valentine’s Day than with loved ones, fancy dinner, and even a little fun! What was your favorite wedding reception story?


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