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Freezing in February

Posted on: Wednesday 10.Feb.10

During winter, I look for creative ways to inspire laughter and happiness, and generally help everyone avoid SAD. Well, I love socks. Especially fuzzy ones with cute penguins on them. They keep my feet warm in this horrid weather, and feel cozy. I dare you to not smile while wearing and/or looking at these socks.

Speaking of smiling, last Sunday was the Super Bowl XLIV Game! From the start it looked like the Saints were in for a beating–they came out ahead for a win against the Colts. I’m sure it’s a sight that will long live in media archives, of the streets of New Orleans flooding in celebration. A much deserved break from all the rough times they’ve had lately.

For even more smiles I’ll be attending a wedding ceremony for a couple of friends for Valentine’s Day. Since the Gentleman is in the wedding, it’ll be a weekend-long event. Should be fun-filled, and a great chance to catch up with people we haven’t seen in a while! It’s also supposed to snow, so there will be fabulous photo ops! I’ll be posting pictures and an update next week.


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