amanda k brown

Rainy Days

Posted on: Sunday 31.Jan.10

The last couple of weeks moved away from snow and into rain. Not much improvement, but this weather encourages me to stay indoors and work on my creativity. This usually leads to watching too much TV and cooking.

The too much TV portion of that has been consumed by LOST. Since the final season is airing this Spring, it only made sense that I should watch along–despite having never seen it before. The marathon began with the turn of 2010. Four weeks later I’m on Season 3.

Season 1 was fun, complete with JJ Abram’s twist du jour. It left me unsatisfied but intrigued enough to delve into a second season. I actually enjoyed Season 2 much more. We’ll see where the rest of this goes, and if I can catch up in time to watch the series finale with the rest of the world!

The cooking portion of being trapped indoors by cold rain is much more exciting. When I cook, I don’t just cook–I experiment. I get a tingling sense of pride when I can successfully create something delicious.

Two weeks ago I wanted something warm. Soup usually does the trick, so I cracked open my cookbooks and did a quick online search for French Onion Soup. I pieced together my favorite parts of each recipe, and it turned out better than I could have hoped! I’ll post the recipe here in a day or so for all to enjoy and experiment at will.

Second new recipe was yesterday–Crème brûlée! Also a success, but not quite as impressive as the french onion soup. I don’t think I balanced the broiling time quite right to achieve the hardened caramelized sugar topping. Nonetheless, it was a great chance to have fun with my boyfriend, who is so sweet to sit through taste-testing sessions for my experiments!


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