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Diet and Exercise

Posted on: Monday 04.Jan.10

On Sunday, I got to play with my new Christmas toys–a Farberware knife set and cutting board! I was so excited to cook my first full meal of the year. Dubbed the “first supper“, I prepared Honey-citrus chicken, with red onions and coconut ginger rice. It was a light and quick meal, but filling and tasty. I’ll definitely be making this one again.


Honey-Citrus Chicken with Coconut Ginger Rice


After our first day in the office for 2010, Monday sent me to the gym with a friend for some much needed exercise. There’s a comfortable work-out center in our leasing office, which serves its purpose. And no, I didn’t go to work toward a New Year’s resolution. I do have a goal–but it has little to do with the new year, and more to do with Christmas [no thanks to too much food, too much sleeping, and not enough activity]. It’s so much nicer when you have someone to go with, I think. Even if it’s not the same person all the time, I like to have the company.

The gym was busy, as it always is at the first of the year.  How many of those people actually think they’ll keep up with their resolutions, and work to change?


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