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Indecent Exposure

Posted on: Saturday 02.Jan.10


Scandalous Mannequins--meet No-pants Nancy!

Scandalous Mannequins--meet No-pants Nancy!


After holidays, there’s always a little post-holiday shopping. This trip in particular was filled with far more coats than we knew existed, browsing 2010 calendars, and a serious case of indecent exposure!

This mannequin was indecent when we found her. If you look at the picture, I think you’ll agree, this is the proper pronoun–for now we can call her “Nancy”. “No-pants Nancy” has a nice ring to it. We were simply roaming around the store, and turned around to find this young (and apparently cold) lady standing with her friend. The friend seems to be chastising Nancy for the heathen gesture. Whether Nancy corrected the problem, we’ll never know. We thought it would be rude to hang around to find out.

I wonder how many other indecent mannequins are out there, wandering the stores for all to see?


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