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101 in 1001

Dear reader,

My name is Amanda, and this is my space. I hope to share pieces of thoughts and images of experiences that you can enjoy. Besides my typical interests, I find inspiration in big events like holidays with family, but the little things too, like watching my laundry toss in a swirl of colours in the dryer or having a silent conversation with someone across the room. Where do you find your ideas?

I’ve walked through interesting circumstances so far, which has taught me a lot and I don’t like wasting the spare moments I’m given. I enjoy writing today, so I can look back tomorrow the way you look at an old photo of your parents–you know it’s them, but you can’t quite remember what they were like. I like knowing how much (and little) I’ve changed. I also like using various resources to stay in touch with friends, both near and far. Recording events through words and images is a way to accomplish these things.

Below I’ve included my 101 in 1001 list and links to my progress. If you’re interested in also completing any goals on my list, let me know. I’d love to hear your advice, give you some tips, or just share a discussion about progress! Also feel free to comment on posts or pictures.

Until next time–don’t forget to smile!


The List

I didn’t write my letters (goals #1 and #2) until my birthday, so I’m a little behind most of the 2011 starters. But I figure a birthday is a fine time to open your mind to new opportunities. My 101 in 1001 project will officially end on 8 October 2013. You can view the updated counter on the right. Thanks for your support!


1. Write a letter to myself, to be opened in 501 days

2. Write a letter to myself, to be opened in 1001 days

3. Find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a month

4. Reflect daily in a ‘one sentence’ journal for one month


5. Clean and consolidate my belongings

6. Develop a stress management strategy

7. Identify resources which will help me reach my 101 goals

8. Reassess my 101 in 1001 progress after 501 days

Grow Up

9. Buy a car

10. Get a passport

11. Buy a suit

12. Organize personal files and documents (tax, insurance, major purchases, finance, etc)

13. Revisit personal documents every 6 months (Next: 9/1/13)

14. Update my apartment with window treatments

15. Get a storage unit for seasonal items (Christmas decor, etc)

Plan Financials

16. Finish paying student loans by June 2011 [5/5]

17. Review and specify my budget [via]

18. Check my credit report once per year [3/3]

19. Research and invest money in the stock market

20. Start planning for retirement (eg. long term budget, 401K)

21. Move savings from BofA to ING 

22. Remove POA from my checking account

23. Consult a financial planner

Get Healthy, Enjoy Cooking

24. Try 12 new recipes (or 1 per month for a year) [12/12]

25. Make 100 homecooked dinners

26. Record new recipes I try [12]

27. Bring lunch to work 4 days a week for one month

28. Make a pie

29. No caffeine (caffeinated soda, coffee, or tea) for 30 days

30. Drink only milk, water, or juice for 30 days (independent of the “no caffeine” goal)

31. No fast food for 30 days

32. Take a multivitamin regularly for 3 months

33. Get a physical exam

34. Have wisdom teeth removed

Develop Professionally

35. Attend at least two professional conferences each year [3/5]

36. Take a continuing education class

37. Update my resume

38. Improve public speaking and presentation skills

39. Learn how to better network, and do it! [In progress..]

Reading and Writing

40. Get a library card

41. Read 50 books in 1001 days [13/50]

42. Brush up on a foreign language

43. Blog once a week for a year [0/52]

44. Send a hand written letter once per month for a year [4/12]

45. Mail 50 postcards [50/50]

46. Have a blog post featured on another website or blog

47. Feature a post from another blogger on my site

48. Write and illustrate a children’s book

Get Social

49. Make five new friends [5/5]

50. Get involved: Join a new club or activity

51. Host a pot-luck dinner party

52. Have a “Girl’s Night” once a month for a year

53. Meet someone new through social media or blogging

54. Organize and/or attend a High School Reunion [In Progress!]

55. Attend a tweet-up, or other social media meet-up

Build Relationships

56. Treat someone to a meal or coffee once per month for one year [12/12]

57. Go on a double date

58. Plan a surprise date for my boyfriend

59. Reconnect with someone I haven’t seen in a year

60. Read at least one book about strengthening relationships

Give Back

61. Contribute (financially) to a charity or organization

62. Volunteer for 100 hours [2/100]

63. Donate an item to a charity

64. Donate $2 per uncompleted goal

65. Walk for a cause

66. Donate blood

Be Creative and Active

67. Take dance lessons for 3 months

68. Go sailing

69. Go ice skating

70. Knit a scarf

71. Paint 3 pictures [3/3]

72. Create a scrapbook page

73. Publish a Tanga puzzle

Explore Life in Images

74. Have a photoshoot with my boyfriend

75. Collect 50 pictures of myself with my boyfriend [15/50]

76. Upload and organize pictures once a week [setup post on the go]

77. Fill all of my picture frames

78. Participate in a “26 Things” project  [link]


79. Play 100 board games [47/100]

80. Try 40 kinds of wine and/or beer, and keep a log of them [38/40]

81. Attend a wine tasting

82. Visit one new city each year [3/3]

83. Watch the sunrise

84. Watch the sunset

85. Attend one game for each Atlanta/Boston professional sports team.

86. Attend a minor league sports game

87. Go on a cruise

Little Moments

88. Send a secret to PostSecret

89. Participate in Improv Everywhere (or something similar)

90. Frame diploma, and hang it up

91. Inspire someone else to make a 101 in 1001 list [1]

92. Watch 10 new movies, chosen by friends as “must see” [3/10]

93. Learn to crack eggs with one hand

94. Tie a message for a stranger to a balloon, and let it go

95. Learn to drive in the snow

96. Answer 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind [0/50]

97. Participate in Operation Beautiful

98. Go to at least two concerts

99. Make a list of states I’ve visited, and cross one more off the list

100. Complete at least 30 pages of the Wreck My Journal

101. Learn one new song on my guitar

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